Dr. Leventer Mihaela has opened her first Dermatology private practice back in 1996. Since then, the number of patients seen and treated by Dr. Mihaela Leventer has increased exponentially. Satisfied patients have brought other patients no matter the location where Doctor Mihaela Leventer and her team worked.

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The skin biopsy: the safest...

The word ”biopsy” often causes a chill although it is a routine investigation, very common in skin diseases. The only procedure that gives a certified diagnosis, it is crucial

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Five months have passed since the operation and I want to let you know that everything is going very well. Thank you very much.

Maria Popescu from Bucharest

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50% DISCOUNT for the treatment of venectasia

- 50% discount for the treatment of venectasia: Laser is the easiest treatment for visible blood vessels on the legs. The red-blue veins visible on the legs and thighs can be closed...

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After the age of 20, new moles are suspicious

Autor: Dr. Mihaela Leventer Mihaela Leventer dermatologist talks about how we avoid sunburn that may develop into skin cancers, about broken moles, but also about how we tan in a healthy...

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